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Jazzy Jams,Warmness 

A charitable foundation

 that will provide warm clothing and accessories

 to people that are in need during the Winter Season.

A percentage % of the proceeds from Jazzy Jams merchandise sales

 will go toward funding the project


Thank you for your contribution.

Giving a Hand up, 

is a Hand Out of Poverty !

Ready ​to volunteer ?

Looking for like-minded individuals that would like to volunteer in one of these departments.

The legal department,  music department,  production department, the arts and crafts department,  

business department, financial department, marketing and media department,

 cosmetology department, 

choreography department, videography,  photo and editing department, 

transportation department, and security department.


Email Address*


Thanks for reaching out,

 I am so excited to help you make your event extra Jazzy !

Jazzy Jams

Office Hours: 7am-3pm 

Monday - Friday

Saturday & Sunday, by appointment only.

Booking Agent : (765) 507-9816


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