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A One Woman Band !

Singer / Songwriter



Kansas City, Mo. 


I'm Jazzy Jams !

I'm currently an Independent Musical Artist.

I discovered my singing talent at age 4.

I have not been formally trained in music and never have taken any

 vocal lessons.

I believe that God,

 the Creator of the universe 

bestowed me with the gift of music.

I started singing Karaoke at home

 at age 15,

started doing open mic and talent shows around age 30.

Why the gaps?

Stage fright !

 But ever since 

I activated my faith 


"The Creator of life and His son

 Jesus Christ,

I have made progress and you can too.

Let's support

 each other !

Join Jazzy Jams, 

on a


Magic Carpet Ride !

Her high notes will take your senses to snowy mountain tops that'll give you 

chills and thrills.

 Then to deep shadowy valleys with her 

sultry low tones. 

Follow her along the gentle lyrical streams of pure inspirational waters 

that quench even the most parched spiritual deserts 

as she turns them into an oasis. 

Her silky smooth harmonies make the darkest places on earth seem like a 

meadow blossoming with beautiful bright colored flowers. 

She sings melodies that blow away all the dark clouds and brings in sunshine & rainbows. 

The astonishing sound of her universoul voice 

will have you soaring high in the sky 

then landing on a 

soft cloud 

with a

 silver lining, 

where you can 

relax, rest 




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 I am so excited to help you make your event extra Jazzy !

Jazzy Jams

Office Hours: 7am-3pm 

Monday - Friday

Saturday & Sunday, by appointment only.

Booking Agent : (765) 507-9816


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